About Us

SafeHome Insurance Services in Famers Branch, TX, is dedicated to bringing quality service with affordable premiums without sacrificing valuable coverage. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, we are able to inform and consult with our clients the importance of every coverage available. 

Who We Are

SafeHome was founded in February 2015 in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to serve recent home purchasers by insuring the residence from fire and natural disasters, and coincidentally offering protection for the mortgage loan. From beginning to end, we are determined to make our role so smooth that Loan Officers would choose SafeHome. Today, we have close to eleven hundred insureds, and our book of business grows every day.

Richard Backus

The Team

Six decades of financial experience – trials, successes and stumbles…there aren’t many challenges that Richard hasn’t faced, and subsequently conquered. He’s ready to share that with clients who are looking to enhance order in their lives, and independence for themselves and their families. 

As a young man Richard graduated from Georgetown University, and then served nearly four years in the Marine Corps, his first real teacher of leadership skills. After the Marines he went into commercial banking and followed a thirty-five-year career path living or working in every continent except Antarctica. This period culminated in heading up a fast-growing New York City bank for over six years. During that time and in addition to providing for his own family’s well-being, he:
· Won an MBA from one of Mexico’s most prestigious universities
· Lectured in banking and business strategies at college level including the University of Texas at Dallas and Southern Methodist University
· Served on many for-profit and not-for-profit boards of directors
· Wrote extensively for business journals and other publications
· Pioneered the marketing of insurance products by the banking industry
 After retiring from banking in the late 1990’s Richard served as a consultant to growing businesses, and eventually was an integral part of the founding team of shareholders of one of Texas’ fastest expanding property and casualty insurers. He then served as Chief Financial Officer throughout the Company’s first five years. 
His current venture is Managing Partner of a dynamic Texas insurance agency serving the needs of more than one thousand individuals, families and entrepreneurs. You’re invited to contact him for virtually any insurance product, be it personal life or home protection, achieving retirement independence or risk mitigation of your commercial business enterprise.  
Robust financial health is not the end-all of life. But it facilitates the resolution of so many other challenges that you deserve the help of a professional who has seen it all, who knows where the financial picture fits into the overall scheme of things, and who is willing to work with those who are up-and-coming so that they in turn can help others directly and by example.
Looking forward to hearing from you! By the way, we’re completely Spanish friendly. Consultenme!

Gerardo Dominguez

Gerardo is truly a self-made insurance expert. Immediately after pursuing his Associates degree, in 1998 he started with a small property and casualty insurance agency and soon was promoted to District Manager, supervising eight branch offices. It was at this early stage that he learned the importance of tight administration. Taking all eight of his locations, he soon converted their paper records into an integrated and fully digital, electronic system.  Not only did he make over internal operations, but he also oversaw new business efforts. Thanks to his smoothly functioning team of new business agents, his group outpaced all others in the organization. Perceiving the demand from other agency operators for his expertise, he became an independent Agency Consultant. Two years of successful consulting allowed Gerardo to develop a set of principles which would convert lackluster operations into success stories.

Now Gerardo was ready to apply this knowledge to building his own agency. In early 2015 he teamed up with another experienced insurance veteran to establish SafeHome Insurance Services. SafeHome’s track record has hit one peak after another, becoming a “go-to” agency for many Loan Officers financing the DFW housing miracle that may be starting to cool down, but which is still the envy of the nation. What’s next? The answer? More exciting progress in the residential insurance area, and now, with a newly organized sister agency, Protection Experts LLC, a concentrated push into the commercial coverage arena. 

In summary, Gerardo is a hands-on entrepreneur in love with the idea of helping people achieve the American Dream and helping small business people make it to the top! 



Protect your business from its own specific risks.


Drive on the road feeling protected with competitive
auto insurance rates.


What will your loved ones do if you are not there to provide the lifestyle you want for them?


Insure your home against damages from fire, hail, wind damage, vandalism, and theft.